Yainee Alonso: Manny Machado’s Wife – Interesting A Love Story

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Manny Machado and Yainee Alonso have been happily married since 2014. Manny found his biggest fan in his wife, Yainee Alonso. They crossed paths thanks to Yonder Alonso, Yainee’s brother and former MLB player. The couple’s journey began in 2011 and led them to a dreamy wedding in France in December 2014.

But who is the woman who captured baseball star Manny Machado’s heart? Let’s learn more about Yainee Alonso.

Yainee Alonso: Her Roots in Cuba

Yainee was born in Havana, Cuba, to Luis and Damaris Alonso. Her father, Luis, played and coached for Cuba’s Industriales in the Cuban National Series. In 1996, the Alonso family defected from Cuba and settled in Miami.

Brotherly Bonds in Baseball


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Yainee’s brother, Yonder Alonso, learned the ropes of baseball from their father at a young age. Yonder went on to play in the MLB, representing various teams, including the Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres. In his retirement announcement in November 2020, he expressed heartfelt gratitude to his family, including Manny and Yainee, for their unwavering support. He later joined the MLB Network as an analyst in April 2021.

Academic Pursuits

Yainee graduated in December 2012 from the University of Miami with a pre-med degree, where her brother Yonder also attended and played baseball. During her time in Miami, she was part of the Miami Marlins’ Mermaids cheerleading squad.

In February 2023, Yainee revisited her alma mater, posing with the University of Miami mascot in a heartwarming Instagram post that included her husband and two children.

A Connection through Family


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Manny and Yainee’s love story began when they were introduced through Yonder in 2009. Their friendship blossomed, and after a vacation in Spain in the winter of 2011, Manny sought Yonder’s blessing to date his sister.

A Memorable Proposal

On Feb. 6, 2013, Manny proposed to Yainee in South Beach, Florida. However, It didn’t go off without a hitch. Manny struggled to retrieve the ring from his pocket, and Yainee was so shocked that she didn’t initially hear the proposal. Eventually, she said yes, and the couple tied the knot on Dec. 6, 2014, at the enchanting Château de Challain in France.

A Strong Supporter

Yainee often graces Manny’s Instagram, showing their unwavering bond. Manny publicly acknowledges her support, such as after his 2018 season with the Los Angeles Dodgers and on her birthdays. The couple also makes appearances together on the red carpet at various MLB events.

Despite Manny’s high-profile career, they prefer a low-key lifestyle. In Miami, they enjoyed the simple pleasures of home life and valued their close-knit circle of friends and family.





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